Hair Straightening

Endorphin hair uses the Chi Transformation system for permanent hair straightening.

We use a straightening product that is a Conditioning cream smoothing system, enriched with pro-keratin for increased fiber respect. This system is enhanced with a unique interim treatment that contains a patented ceramide molecule, which helps protect, fortify, and condition the relaxed hair during the service to create soft, shiny, well-conditioned results. You can either have pin straight hair or keep your curls and just get rid of the frizz.
The process takes a few hours but well worth it. Once finished your hair will feel amazing and styling will be so quick and effortless. Takes about 4 -5hrs

The cost varies depending on length, time and thickness. $350-$600

We can just do fringes as well. great for getting rid or cowlicks.!

(it may cost a bit upfront but its so worth it)

It is impossible to quote via txt or over the phone. I need to see your hair!