Project Description

Permanent straightening
We use a straightening product that is a Conditioning cream smoothing system, enriched with pro-keratin for increased fiber respect. This system is enhanced with a unique interim treatment that contains a patented ceramide molecule, which helps protect, fortify, and condition the relaxed hair during the service to create soft, shiny, well-conditioned results. You can either have pin straight hair or keep your curls and just get rid of the frizz.
The process takes a few hours but well worth it. Once finished your hair will feel amazing and styling will be so quick and effortless. Takes about 4 -5hrs

The cost varies depending on length, time and thickness. $350-$600

We can just do fringes as well. great for getting rid or cowlicks.!

(it may cost a bit upfront but its so worth it)

It is impossible to quote via txt or over the phone. I need to see your hair!

Keratin Smoothing Treatments. 
Takes approx. 3hrs.
The cost is between $180 to $500
Smooths the hair – doesn’t straighten
The exclusive formula combines rich natural raw materials and incorporates the latest Brazilian Keratin technology.
reinforces the internal structure.
improves the condition of the hair SMOOTHING THE CUTICLE & ELIMINATING FRIZZ while providing external protection.
Not damaging and no harsh chemicals
No formaldehyde!
Results are instant! •
No need to wait 72 hours. •
The minute you leave the salon, you can wash your hair, wear a pony tail, use clips and pins and it will be straighter, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMELY radiqnt! ”
aftercare products ensure long lasting results Results last up to 3 months.
The revolutionary exclusive formulation combines Sugarcane carbohydrates and Cysteine which synergies with the hair’s natural Keratin filling, sealing and smoothing the cuticle. The combination of these ingredients and the Amazon Acai berry rich in antioxidant, Omega 3 & 6 has the power to reconstruct.